09 – Whole Lotta Love

Show Notes:

Oddy and Clint have a chat about kink and then get thirsty with Thomas, Andy & Steven, aka the Perth Throuple. They answer your community questions about polyamory, jealousy and who sleeps in the middle.

Queer Perth with Oddy and Clint – Shining a light on LGBTQIA+ community groups, events and what’s happening in Boorloo. Proudly recorded on the lands of the Wadjuk Noongar People, who’s elders we pay our respect to – past, present and emerging.

Quote: “It's never really two against one – it's mostly one person losing his shit and the others trying to console that person or sometimes you have to be the mediator. It's sometimes weird and wild – but that's normal for any relationship.” Spoken by Thomas, Perth Throuple: Andy, Thomas & Steven

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