10 – Socialising for Mental Health

Show Notes:

Clint and Oddy welcome an extra special guest host, Queer Perth founder and podcast producer, Scott, for the final episode of season 1. They compare stories about Sperm Donation and everyone claims to have 'Super Swimmers'.

Oddy and Clint chat to Rahul and Kayla from Activate Mental Health who answer your mental health questions and discuss how they’re helping the queer community.

Queer Perth with Oddy and Clint – Shining a light on LGBTQIA+ community groups, events and what’s happening in Boorloo. Proudly recorded on the lands of the Wadjuk Noongar People, who’s elders we pay our respect to – past and present.

Quote: “Our volunteers, they're such a lovely bunch and they're all really really friendly. And are more than happy to talk to you before, or at the event or after to help with those nerves.” Kayla Clemson, Volunteer Manager, Activate Mental Health

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