Alissia, honestly!

Alissia Marsh, 23, has always loved comedy. When she was in high school, it's all she watched. After doing Raw Comedy when she was 18, she's never looked back!
We asked Alissia about some funny moments while performing and her brand new comedy night dedicated to queer comedians.


What’s your new comedy night, Queer Comedy, all about?

Honestly, this is something I've just created with the help of Cleo who does stage bookings at the Royale Theatre. The lineup is packed with a very diverse group of killer acts.

First up we have Simone Springer who is ABC radio Perths Friday morning comedian. She’s part of a sell out and award winning comedy group The Motherhood Comedy and the co-host of Sunday Singles at the Comedy Lounge.

Aves Robbins is honestly one of my favourite acts at the moment and is easily the fastest rising star in Perth. Not only does she help write Ebsworth Tonight (Perths only late night talk show) but is just down right hilarious and such an original act.

The headline act is none other than Cody Lam. Cody is Perth's prettiest male-identified Gaysian comedian. In his mind, there's only one thing he considers the most important in this world, himself. Cody is one of the newest gems in Perth's comedy scene. He knows how to be the centre of attention and loving the spotlight, a true Geminian Slytherin. He has won the WA Best Newcomer Doustie Award from the Laugh Resort (2019), the WA State Finale for the Raw Comedy Competition by Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2020) and in 2021 his sold out Fringe show '3 Broke Gays' was recognised as one of the featured shows for the queer community of the season.

It's been really fun to put together, honestly. As I've been doing comedy a while, I've made some really amazing friends and fans. So this show is kinda like a big thank you in a way? Kinda' showing how far I've come as a performer but at the same time being able to give stage time to so many other LGBTQIA acts has been a blast.


Alissia Marsh 02
Queer Comedy poster and Alissia at Cherry Bomb


You have your own show coming up soon too, please tell us about that?

Alissia Marsh King of the Lesbians is a show about my life explaining what it's like to be intersex. I have a life goal that'll teach everyone in Australia what intersex means and this show is the beginning of that goal.

Can you tell us a funny moment during one of your gigs?

So I have a lot of different body quirks, for example, I have 4 fingers on both of my hands. I asked the audience if anyone had fun body differences and this lady yelled out. "There is someone at our table with 4 fingers" so I said "is she hot" then she said "it's my dad" which I responded with "never mind". At this point she yelled out "wow, I pissed myself!" and I said "thanks" and just carried on Haha.

As a Comedian, what’s your worst nightmare?

Yeah nah probs nothing, unless, like, everyone I've ever dated and had sex with got in one room and compared notes, but I'm just like, trying to do jokes.


Alissia Marsh 01
Alissia Marsh performing


What would you recommend for anyone new to Perth that they must see or do here?

Yeah, I'd definitely check out the Rechabite and what events they have on as it's always a fun venue.

Otherwise Cherry Bomb is a great place to go dancing. Honestly the vibes, such a beautiful venue with perfect music. Not only that the staff are absolutely amazing and will help in any situation. There are so many places in Perth that claim to be safe for LGBTQ+ but are not. This is definitely one of them that is safe.

Last but not least, go see some comedy. There are so many different comedy nights around Perth!

Alissia says: “Being able to give stage time to so many other LGBTQIA acts has been a blast.”

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