11 – Heart and Home with Jesse J. Fleay

Show Notes:

Guest host Jesse J. Fleay joins Oddy and Clint for the whole episode. They catch you up on what’s been happening in their lives since season one finished and answer the question, is the sex drought finally over?

As we’re going into Pride Month, the topic this episode is what Pride means for each of us.

Jesse discusses being a part of writing the Uluru Statement from the Heart and what it would mean for aboriginal people to have a voice in parliament. He also talks about being gay in Noongar community and shares some language that we can all learn.

Noongar Language

  • Gnaala Karla - Story Telling, the great home fires
  • Kaartdijin - Knowledge
  • Noongar - Man
  • Yorga - Woman
  • Waalitj - Wedge Tail Eagle
  • Budja - Land and everything it contains

> Noongar Langage Class

> Uluru Statement from the Heart

Queer Perth with Oddy and Clint – Shining a light on LGBTQIA+ community groups, events and what’s happening in Boorloo. Proudly recorded on Whadjuk Noongar Budja and we pay our respect to elders past and present.

Queer Perth is part of the Queer Perth Network.

Quote: “This is us getting together and saying enough's enough. We want to work together with everyone, we want to be included, to be heard and we want to have a voice.” Jesse J. Fleay: Academic and Constitutional Reformer

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